Our new supplier process starts with a search controlled by clearly defined parameters including location, size, ownership, capacity and people. Location for transport, not to big or to small, we like family businesses, must be able to supply and can we build good relationships.

After we have a found a supplier that meets our search criteria we carry out an approval audit to ensure our strict process and testing can and will be met. If we are happy with our audit results we formally approve suppliers and start working towards agreed supply goals.

From the beginning we have specific criteria for our production process and quality protocols. Testing must be agreed to a regular time scale with a specific emphasis on banned and/or controlled substances and no animal testing. Supply requirements and ‘Best Practice’ manufacturing processes are agreed and our batch processing system is installed.

We carry out twice yearly on site audits to ensure our process criteria are being met. These are done in partnership with the supplier to ensure maximum efficacy.
Our testing strategy is ongoing with each batch undergoing the same rigorous attention to detail to ensure purity.

We work with our suppliers to ensure our joint objectives are achieved. All our work with suppliers is transparent and we become aware of issues long before they impact on our customers. Working transparently with our suppliers ensures  working together is really ‘working together’.

Working in a transparent fashion enables long lasting relationships. These relationships are facilitated by our sophisticated Internet based communication channels and regular ‘Face to Face’ visits.