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Coffee beans grow inside the cherries of a coffee tree. Nine months after a coffee tree flowers, the cherries are ripe and ready to be harvested. Once harvested some batches of cherries are pulped, either by hand or machinery, to remove the fruit – known as washed coffee. Other batches keep the fruit on to preserve the fruity flavour of the cherry, this is natural processed coffee.

The beans, or cherries, depending on the processing method, are then dried–often in the sun on raised beds. Following this, the beans are sorted to remove defects before being weighed and packed into large jute sacks ready for export.

After travelling across the world, green coffee is delivered to the roastery where it is immediately sampled and tasted by the team of Q Graders to ensure it is of sufficient quality. Once approved, the sacks of coffee are unloaded, sorted and transferred into giant green silos and separated by origin. 

When the roaster calls across the recipe, the silo automatically weighs out the correct percentage of each component and the green coffee is then sent into the roasting drum. The coffee beans are continuously rotated inside a large drum and heat is applied. As the coffee heats up, the sugars in the coffee caramelise and the cell structures of the bean begins to breakdown. Throughout the roasting process a lot of complex chemical reactions occur which create key flavours and turn the green beans roasted brown. After roasting, the beans are cooled, left to rest to allow gases to be released, milled and packed ready for irradiation and delivery to end users.

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The nature of CoffeeScrub Natural Skincare Ingredient raw material enables us to manufacture a micron size that is within a range slightly wider than normal.

As this is a Natural Product colour may vary from batch to batch.

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