BP Kaolin Clay

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Armantini Phamacutical grade Kaolin clay is sourced from the sharp peaks of the ‘Cornish Alps’ which dominate the landscape of St Austell and are part of the regions story for the last 250 years. 

Kaolin extraction is a complicated business but one that has fundamentally not changed in process through the years. Large water jest are set up to flush the Kaolin from the quarry sides before running into settlement tanks to remove Mica, Quartz and Feldspar  from the slurry.  The clay is further improved by a manufacturing process of drying, milling and classifying to produce one of the best Kaolin clays in the world.

Kaolin clay has many uses in cosmetics from absorbing oils and water to being used as a bulking agent, colourant and emulsion stabiliser.

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