Apricot Tree

The Armantini Actives ingredients product story starts with our growers, the people that make our business possible. The French Cherry farmers, the Spanish Almond growers and the French Walnut co-operatives are the lifeblood of our business.

We search far and wide for raw materials that we can source directly from either growers or organisations that represent growers, usually co-operatives The relationships we build with our supplier partners inform our whole business model – to supply directly from the source to the customer with as little intervention as possible.

When we launched Armantini Actives we felt that if great skincare products had a unique story why shouldn’t skincare ingredients? Looking at lists of ingredients on jars and bottles in type too small to read seemed to somehow let customers down, we wanted to shout about the provenance of what we manufacture in the UK.

So here we are, Armantini Actives – Provenance, UK manufacturing and direct sales.